"RAT REPORT" Let's hear them

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by ARKLITE881South, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Any new sage rat reports for the central part of the state. I see they are forecasting snow level down to 3000/3500 feet the next couple of days, on the pass.
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    I wasn't hunting in the central part of the state but where I was there were a lot of rats. Banner year as a matter of fact. However, with the warm sunny weather, in two of my fields the grass was already high enough to hide the rats. The other two fields the farmer was harrowing and after that the grass grows really fast. Just about everywhere I scouted the grass was either too tall or the farmers were harrowing. I would say the window of opportunity is closing rapidly, at least until the first cutting.

    The babies were out....got four in one shot. I burned 500 rounds in two days. Second day I didn't shoot the 17 HMR and restricted all my shots to 150 yards or more. I could have shot twice as many rounds if I had hunted all day and walked around with the 17 HMR more.

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