PMAGs... don't complain, learn from it.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by TapRackNGo, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I hope everyone is learning a lesson here, on the value of items that some consider extremely important. Just because you could buy a $10 PMAG last week, doesn't mean it's value is $10 today. I hope people use this experience and maybe put a few away for a rainy day, yes even the ones complaining. You may be able one day to swap out PMAGs for a new rifle, scope, acog, food, medical supplies, fuel, ammo, things you or your family need.

    Just because people are selling and making a good profit on a wise investment doesn't make them evil. If they can make some profit in this crappy economy good for them. We all need to make money. The ones who saw this coming years ago and had a surplus are profiting right now, as it should be. Being a good guy isn't going to pay the bills, and we have no right to pass judgment on someone for wanting to make money in my opinion.

    Just thought I would point out the obvious, and try and learn from the experience.
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    I agree with almost everything you said. except..... I will sure as heck pass judgment on anyone trying to screw over someone else. MY judgment will be to just say NO im not going to be takin advantage of.
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    The value of anything is based on supply and demand. It is the world over. Always has been always will be. Guns, food, housing, gold,etc. Do i feel some of these prices are nuts? Yes, but i respect the people selling them for as much as they can get, or what ever they want . Its not like they are selling the only meds that will saving your life, or the last loaf of bread and you kids are hungry. That's price gouging. AR's and mags are a hobby, a recreational item. If you feel you have to have one you need to pay what it would take for someone to sell it.

    Would you sell a bike for $25 if someone will pay you $2000 because the store cant sell them again ever, hell no. If i wanted a ban item before a possible ban these prices are not to high at all as you might never again be able to buy them or transfer them.

    Its sound business principles. The price you sell your product for is at the highest level people will buy it. I'm sure if your selling you house you would want the max it would go for. For instance some would say $165-180 is way to much money to go on a guided fishing trip, fortunately plenty others fell its worth the $165-$180. The trip sells for the price i can get to makes as much as i can while keeping me busy.

    I understand people dont like these high prices, especially the people that didnt see the writing on the wall and get what they feel they need.

    Am i selling any Ar's or mags myself, hell no. BUT, if someone offered me enough i would part with a few. That's my point I'm sure all of you have something you dont want to sell, but if i offered enough you would sell it. The price of that item is the amount you would sell it no matter how ridiculous it seams.

    These people selling are the same way, you want their only lower or extra mags you will have to pay what they will need to let it go.

    I personally am getting tired of reading all the thread crapping people are doing on those threads in the classifieds.

    My 2 cents from the guy not selling anything
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    Welcome to the new world order! New fiat currency: PMAGs.
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    No one can screw some one over on a sale... Its always the buyer who sets the price... the seller only can get what the buyer is willing to pay... If you can get $100 for a P mag then its worth $100 to at least that buyer.....
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    lol. you can't rape the willing.

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