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I recently bought a couple pistols with no issue in Oregon, then around a month later my background check for a rifle was delayed. Not sure why they decided to delay me now, nothing on my record has changed, my name is pretty unique, and I have clean record.

The issue is (aside from the state delaying me and ignoring my calls) that I had already ordered another gun online. If I go and submit a background check for that, is it guaranteed to get delayed as well? I just want to do whatever results in fewer delays, since the OSP clearly are uninterested in returning calls. For that matter, does the 3-day dealer-is-allowed-to-release exception apply to OSP not responding on delayed cases?


Honestly.... wait times are all over the map with no rhyme or reason, such is the efficiency of government bureaucracy.:rolleyes:

As for the 3-day wait period if no response; currently - yes (at least until they pass legislation into law that forbids it until approval is obtained like they want to do).... but for now, rare is the FFL that’ll release it after the minimum response time has elapsed, due to “liability” reasons.

Good luck with your endeavors!
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