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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Nutz503, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Sorry if this is a repost, but it's the first time I've seen this video. I fully agree with people exercising their rights as American citizens, however the tone of these types of videos and exhibitions irks me. Just like the 2 dbags that had ARs slung over their shoulders walking through the sellwood neighborhood. The type of attention that these "demonstrations" draw is a definite negative IMO to the responsible gun community. I see no good that can come from it. btw Cop in video was extremely cool and delt with these 3 douchebags very professionally.

    I also like how they tried to sound educated in Oregon law but began studdering when they realized they forgot what they had rehearsed before hand. I mean the Dbag thinks the cop is trying to bait him into illegally touching his full auto sbr....

    Albany Oregon Police, Open Carry AR-15 with Individual Libertarians - YouTube
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    Yup, this guy is not helping the cause at all. He is doing this in every town he can. These are the same guys that did it in Portland right after SH. Not the right image.

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    Open carry is still a right but expect to be questioned/stopped walking through town. Cop didn't lose cool with know-it-all punks looking for their 15 minutes of fame, surprise! That's why I couldn't be one!
    This is a right to be used sparingly IMHO like a Rodney King riot situation or less urban setting. This right ain't even on the libs radar. Lets keep it that way or it will be in the next assinine gun bill.
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    This type of open carry is a bad idea currently. The kind intending to get attention from law enforcement.

    On calguns there were some HEATED discussions about this subject. I fell into the camp that it was doing WAY more harm than good. The open carry folks were very vocal that they were going to continue exercising their rights.

    Don't get me wrong fellas, I believe you should be able to open carry a firearm. I also believe we are fighting a war here, and this type of in your face BS is just that. BS. It accomplishes absolutely nothing other than giving the likes of Ginny ammunition to use against us, and WHEN new legislation is proposed , it requires our attention to fight it when we could be focusing our attention on something else.


    In CA they did get the attention of lawmakers....

    2011 AB144 open carry of handguns. Banned.

    2012 AB1527 open carry of long guns, Banned.

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    These guys planned this little excursion to get a reaction. It's more than just exercising a right. If you're going to walk down the street with an AR on your back you are going to get some attention and that is all they are after. Did they really expect a cop to just ignore them?
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    So, just how many people VIDEO themselves or their pals open carrying?

    If you're capturing something on video, it means you think ahead of time there will be something worth capturing.

    That might just be seen as provoking a confrontation, not exercising a right and minding your own business. Just a thought.

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