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Years ago.....I wrote to LEE and suggested that they make their product out of better metal.
There's a certain amount of pressure on the parts at the pivot point, they just grind against each other, even with a bit of lube. I believe that's why Lee plated the handles. They could be made out of cast steel, like Ruger makes gun parts. But the price point of the unit would be too high. Casting in zinc alloy is much easier and cheaper.

I seem to recall Lee did change the design of the link somewhere along the line while the old, round tray model was still being produced. The improved version was made of harder alloy, I think. Or there was something different about the plating. The part was visibly different. But that didn't do anything for the thin flat on the handle.


I'm NOT speaking of the handle at this point. I'm have more concerns about the "pivot link".

The newer version of the LEE Auto Prime (the one I have at home currently) has a thicker metal link. And it appears to be made of a different metal alloy.'s not a direct replacement link for the older model of the LEE Auto Prime. Which I find to be my preferred/a better device vs. the new one.

Aloha, Mark

PS....maybe LEE intended the breakage of the link as a "safety measure". Well.....maybe/probably they thought it was better to break the link, than to have a primer go off because a gorilla was operating the device.

Last Edited:
I think I broke 5 or 6 before I bought a K&M 5 years ago. I don't think I could break it if I wanted to.
You'd probably be too worn out and mentally tired after putting the primers in one by one by one by one by one.

LOL. You get the idea.

I was going to buy a K&M with the dial from a certain someone on here, but if I am going to do them one by one I might as well use my press. Now for precision loading the K&M is the only one I would use, but I am not doing that with just loading ball ammo.
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