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Update- received a new 550 from Dillon today, mailed my frame and ram assembled to them last week.

More than happy with Dillon
That's why I spent a bunch having my RL 1000's rebuilt with hand made parts.
They have not been built in forty years. No parts available
Almost every part on them is machined. Mike Dillon told me once he would never build them again. To expensive.
I have had two blue machines for over 30 years. Many thousands of pistol rounds made with pleasure. For rifle calibers, I prefer cast iron(not aluminum) and case lube. Having said that , Dillon is awesome and has taken very good care of me through the years.

Most the big boy's take care of you had a Zeiss that had a broken reticle and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of warranty sent it in and they sent me a brand new upgraded scope so you will most likely get something new and shiny and yes please let us know the outcome and sorry for your loss .
My old man was a severe WWII marine. Any time we were performing a mechanical operation, he would smack on the back of the head and yell at me if he thought I was wrenching too hard:

" don't force it!"

Now I am the old guy and his lesson still rings in my ears

Btw- I am retired technician

Enjoy your new 550!

Dillon good folks
They warrantied my 30 year old 550 when the bell crank cracked last year. No questions asked and they included the tool to center the ram during assembly. I don't even want to think about how many rounds I've loaded, but I did manage to wear out 2 Glocks shooting nothing but my reloads. Compare that to RCBS who refused to warranty a 6 month old Rock Chucker with a massive casting flaw that caused the frame to crack.
Doesn't seem like RCBS is the same company it was before.
My Dad bought a very used 550 so he could use both hands to reload - he had one already. He took all of the worn parts and sent them to Dillon. Dillon replaced all of the parts and my Dad rebuilt the used 550 like new.

He always recommended Dillon.

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