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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by zeppelin, Jan 7, 2016.

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    A friend of mine, who happens to be a pretty far left wing democrat sent me a free 2 month subscription to The New York Times (which by the way is way to far left for me and I would never pay for a subscription).

    I was reading a NYT article entitled “Guns, Fear, and Republicans” this morning after seeing several ads that appeared ON THE NYT PAGE. These were not some third party pop ups but were pop up ads embedded in the NYT page (presumably with the knowledge of their editors), one of which was right under their NYT banner/navigation bar at the top of each page. Another was just a box ad that was also imbedded in the NYT page. One was an ad for "Cheaper than Dirt” which among other things is a dot com specializing in on-line sales of guns and accessories (AR-15s, pistols, hi-capacity mags, ammo, you name it). The other was an ad for Bass Pro Shops selling smokeless gun powder used for ammo reloading (I bought Alliant Unique pistol powder from them yesterday). I could not believe my eyes and just couldn’t resist posting a comment and poking them over this faux pas:

    "Gotta love the NYT. They print their rabid gun control agenda and get you to pay for reading it. Sitting here reading it, I have seen several ads pop up for companies selling everything from assault weapons, to high capacity magazines, to ammunition and smokeless gun powder for loading your own ammo. Yes, indeed ladies and gentlemen your vaunted NYT ragsheet is a paid conduit for on-line sales of assault weapons, ammo, and accessories. Who knew? I guess we know where their real priorities lie, eh?”

    I got a response back from the NYT that said they will post my comment “when it gets approved”. Still waiting and either they did not approve it or decided to bury it so it would never be seen.

    Talk about the very definition of hypocritical media bubblegummers. LMAO.
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    Likely what you are seeing is targeted advertising, only to you, based on your online surfing habits. If I went to the same page, it's likely I'd see different ads than you. If Obama went there he'd probably see different ads too. Joe has addressed that issue before regarding ads on this site. What one user sees isn't necessarily what another user sees.
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    Well, at least you get a great crossword puzzle for a few months free.
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    You can't hide:

    First, when a person/computer asks for a web page, that page will be sent to your IP address. Not uncommon today for the server sending that webpage to your computer to also log your IP address. That little piece of data (IP address) can in most cases lead straight your street address.

    Those little 3rd party ads; They can be avoided by using host files. Another issue & might be too deep for this thread, but it works. No more 3rd party crap.

    Now to tie a few items together. You are not a secret, your private life ended by purchasing a hunting or fishing license, starting a few years ago.

    If you have paid attention as of late, here in the PNW, purchasing that license is now via a computer data base. Give the person behind the counter your last year's license and presto chango, magic. This years license pops out of a machine. Any combination of hunting & fishing stuff is kept in that data base.

    What few know is the addition of a software suite, Tapestry. Years back everything about you; education, work, marriage, wages, hobbies, etc was combined with that license base.
    One use; the info has been sold to companies which sell hunting & fishing stuff. That is why those ads are popping up.

    Gets worse if I go any farther,,,j

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    Yes I understand that, and its no doubt the case. But I can't see how that changes the fact that this rag is rabid anti-gun and sells space to advertisers on its pages to sell guns on-line. Seems pretty hypocritical to me. And near as I can tell on-line NY Times doesn't have a cross word puzzle either.
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    NYT doesnt know what ads anyone see

    those ads are for you only!...when you login the first thing that site does is.... the ad space script looks at your search history and what ever you have been researching is what you are going to see ads pertaing to what you have been searching

    if you search cars, and NYT sold ad space to a company that is advertising for Ford you will see that targeted adverting of Ford
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    PHUK ME!!!! :eek::eek::eek: Technology has doomed humanity!!!o_O
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    I never see ads because I use NoScript and Adblock Plus.

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    I know I saw this tread last week - but when I saw the head line today


    what I thought about was back when the NY Times owned a machine gun, a Gatling gun, and used it on the people of NY City. Good Times. Good Times.

    At Newspaper Row, across from City Hall, Henry Raymond, owner and editor of The New York Times, averted the rioters with Gatling guns, one of which he manned. The mob, instead, attacked the headquarters of abolitionist Horace Greeley's New York Tribune until forced to flee by the Brooklyn Police. "

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