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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Joe13, Aug 13, 2014.

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    The thread about having to pull a gun while shooting reminded me of an opposite event happening to me last week.

    I get out to my shooting spots early, like 8am so I can set up an be shooting by 9 or so.

    I often see people drive by around 10am or later looking for a spot to shoot.

    I like my normal spot because it doesn't allow for more then one vehicle comfortably.

    While I was up with my wife and daughter I saw a group of trucks drive by. Did the nod thing as I noticed them checking out the spot and they went on their way.

    (And hell yes I keep loaded weapons for SHTF ;))

    A few hours later and we are cleaning up as these same guys drive by. The last truck does a 5 point turn on the gravel road and parks across the road about 20 yards away from my truck.

    His buddies pull in a few min later and they just sat there. One did get out to make sure we were in fact leaving, was very polite and once he confirmed we were done - sat patiently in their vehicles until we were pulling out.

    I never got their names but as I was driving away I thought to myself - those are some nice folks to be that considerate.
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    It's good to remember there are plenty of good folks out there - it's just a shame how overshadowed that fact becomes by a handful of bad people.
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