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International New Zealand's Plan To Buy Back Illegal Firearms Angers Gun Advocates

The phrase "buy back" should be banned unless the item was originally purchased from the government. It also reinforces the idea that firearms ownership is a privilege because of the underlying implication that all firearm ownership begins with state ownership of the items, and so of course when the state wants them "back" -- it isn't a big deal.

We don't think about government confiscation this way in other areas -- when the government takes a person's house to build a road, it's called eminent domain, not "house buy back".


Correct, you can’t buy back something you never owned. The proper word is buyup.




Just because someone places a value on an object, does not mean that someone else does. Someone may chose to never sell something, that means the value is priceless.

When someone comes along and says one HAS to sell something, at a SET price, I consider that strong arm stealing. Just a nice try at putting a bow on confiscation.
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My wife and I visited the North Island a few years back.

This island country seems to be almost unanimously the opposite of right.

I'm guessing the few Conservatives there keep their heads down...as the opposite of right insists you 'must' agree with their stance on everything or else...just like here.

I'll never visit it again.


I prefer "confiscation with reimbursement". Taking off all the soft edges reveals it for what it is.
Here in yUK the gubmint did that to us - TWICE.

In 1988 they took away ALL our semi-auto centrefire rifles and carbines, because due to the ineptitude of the police-administered firearms licensing laws, they'd let a known sociopath have guns. No matter how much your gun had cost, the buy-in was a level £150. Not funny when you have a PSG-1, M1A with ART scope, and so on.

Of course, this had been the very first mass-shooting in yUK history, so they had to show us who was boss, right? And of course, gun crime using semi-automatic firearms [nil] came to a complete, uh, nil, again.

And in 1996, another total head-case and known pedophile walked into a first grade class and slaughtered sixteen 5 y/o children and their teacher, wounding a couple of dozen others.

That cost everybody on mainland yUK their cartridge-loading handguns. This time, however, 'compensation' was paid at the rate of the replacement value on the day, although many handguns, like three of mine, had to be independently valued because of their extreme rarit. All three are now in the national collection at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

And of course, crime using handguns totally disappeared overnight.

Well, actually, it was no different from before the incident, and actually rose around 2008 -2010.

In the first case, Hungerford, there were less than a a couple of thousand self-loading rifles/carbines in private hands. So it didn't cost the government much to pay out.

In the second case there were 57,000 of us, with 103,000 handguns.

And that, Friends, cost a FORTUNE, as the gubmint decided to include all reloading gear, all leather gear for Police Pistol and IPSC comps, and all empties. I had around 1000 .45ACP empties at 40c a piece, around three THOUSAND .357 Mag cases, around a thousand 9mm and so on...I kept all my reloading gear and my .357Mag cases.

I got paid a fortune, small, but a LOT of money.

The total bill for the 103,000 handguns and bits cost the gubmint, that is to say, the yUK tax-payer, £128m, (at the time, over $220M).

The ban destroyed over a hundred businesses and livelihoods, and alienated an entire, albeit small, voting population to this day.

My 2i/c, at that time an elder son, and now a member of the House of Lords, had just one old handgun that he used to shoot rabbits on his 48,000 acre Scottish estate. Handing that in at the time, he remarked that now he had no handgun, the estate was a far safer place. He also resigned his commission from the Army, noting that if he could not be trusted with just one hundred year-old single-shot pistol, there was no way that he could be trusted to safely manage an infantry battalion, or later on, an entire regiment, like his father and grandfather had done before him.

He also changed his political viewpoint, and trusts neither of the two major political parties.

Such is the competence of gubmint.
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I used to communicate with a NZ lady on a long gone forum and in a few emails several years ago.

She became more and more anti gun and anti American in her own way.

She got divorced, moved to the south (?) island for a new life (Not!) and that did not work out so she moved back to the north island. Boy, oh boy when it came to her DREAM LIFE and tons more. What a shame too. What an expensive move to there and back again!

Previously, we could talk about other matters but I tended not to like her comments in political matters when she tried to LUMP all Americans into the FAR right or FAR left and nothing in the MIDDLE that had views - strong views in specific matters. Sigh, you know, as in GUNS and in our own Constitution/Bill of Rights. She did NOT understand how many Americans thought in that matter.

We were polite and eventually we had nothing to talk about on a regular basis.

Side notes:

The one NZ man who posted the VIDEO OF THE SHOOTING down there got 21 months for that and some other crapola. It was on American, NZ and other overseas news websites. On the boob tube and radio too.

Beautiful country from what I have seen but not in person.

I knew a Nam Veteran who lived there for a few years on and off in the early 70's. He moved back to TENN the last that I heard.

There is a man who used to post on another forum who is becoming a citizen there. He and his wife work there. He used to write about it and how he had to PROVE HIMSELF WORTHY to move, live and work there. So much income and other things.

I heard that housing was very expensive there compared to the average income but I do not know what it is like now.

The NZ PM really goes on and on about GUNS and keeps bringing up Americans and more when she does interviews. I am beginning to think or know that many people really DO NOT LIKE US or downright hate us because of our GUNS and, of course, in many other things. I read a lot of news from overseas too.

Fwaaaance used to be my go to for stereotyping snobby Anti American attitudes. Looks like I'll have to consider NZ now. Let the sheep jokes begin.
All kidding aside, just like there are plenty of patriotic, freedom loving French, I'm sure there is a similar contingent of NZ'ers. Too bad that they are vastly outnumbered by Marxists though.
This is what registration is about, I mean -- it's obvious to everyone here, but it might be worth pointing out to people who aren't gun owners and on the fence -- imagine if something was made illegal overnight -- your car for example. Registration is about nothing other than confiscation:

But Yasbek pointed out that some of the banned weapons, including AR-15 rifles, fall into Category “A” in the New Zealand licensing system, which means they were not required to be registered in police databases and as such will be impossible to trace.

“These weapons are unlikely to be confiscated by police because they don’t know of their existence,” ...


Sep 19,19

New Zealanders Face 5 Years In Jail For Not Handing-In Banned Firearms

"Since the buyback scheme began, 19,000 firearms have been handed in. Most of the guns seen being handed in looked like ordinary rifles, not AR-15s. "



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