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New Shooter

I got a pleasant surprise over the Thanksgiving holiday, my future daughter-in-law, who is somewhat on the liberal end of the spectrum, asked if we could go shooting while her and my son were visiting from Seattle for the holiday.

So we loaded up the handguns, the .22's, the .38/.357, the 9, the 40, the 1911's , the 44 mag and Bond Arms 45LC/410 derringer and headed to the range, she shot them all. I don't think I have ever seen anyone grin and giggle like that, she is hooked. I suggested that she take some classes and learn from an instructor, even though I grew up around firearms and have been shooting for close to 50 years I told her I thought she would really benefit from some professional instruction. She was super excited about getting some professional instruction and said that she had a couple of her girl friends that would like to learn to shoot as well. With that said, could anyone recommend instructors in the Seattle area?
Does anybody else find it humorous that the girl who asked basically the same question has gotten 30+ responses but the guy who posted first has gotten 1?

No offense meant but after reading the thread started by missmoto and seeing this one right below, just too funny

(Yes I know the parameters were somewhat different and hers was first hand, still funny)

Sorry guido, I have no answer, check above . That’s awesome about your daughter in law, though, nice job!



I think that it is wonderful that your daughter in law wants to get some training on shooting firearms.

I hope that she finds a good teacher and a good firearm that she absolutely loves to shoot.

Once she finds HER firearm, ask her what her favorite ammunition is and that would always be a great gift for her.

That goes for your son too. Ammunition makes a great gift in my opinion!

This is another nice and happy story about future shooters in the US of A.

Thank you for taking them shooting. Thank you for sharing it too.

Grins, huge smiles, giggles and wiggles (Me!) are part of a NEW shooter's experiences. Been there - done that! It is a part of older shooter's experiences too.

Take care.

Old Lady Cate
PS: I was the one who wanted to learn more about guns, shooting and self defense issues years ago. I went from there and my late husband encouraged me. Before that time frame, I was only interested in one specific 'house gun' for self defense and knowing that it was there to use if I needed it. I only shot a few rounds out of it but I did know how to load it, unload it, the gun safety rules, etc.

Typo and added more.
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Always fantastic news hearing about new shooters. I always enjoy taking new people out to the range. Unfortunately, I don't know of any places around Seattle. Thanks for getting them out shooting. :)



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