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New member with some questions

Discussion in 'Events & Get Togethers' started by pacNWdub, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. pacNWdub

    pacNWdub Gig Harbor, WA USA New Member

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    Hello everyone,
    i just have a quick question.

    I plan on going to the Puyallup gun show and recently acquired a gun on a trade. It's not a gun I really want but was in my favor of the trade so i took it fore resale or trading for another gun. Question is am I allowed to bring this gun to a gun show and try and trade it to a vendor?

    I should say it is a Springfield XD 45 Tactical with 6 total magazines, the case, holster, double magazine holster and load assist, All are genuine Springfield products that came brand.
  2. Sun195

    Sun195 Pugetropolis, WA Well-Known Member

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    You need to be a member. Membership requires a background check or concealed carry permit. Then, you can trade/sell with vendors or other members there. Some folks walk around with their guns slung over their shoulders or in their backpack with a little sign saying what they've got, how much, etc.

    I don't believe you can bring the gun in with you w/o a membership.
  3. Bello425

    Bello425 Vancouver Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    You can pay entry fee and become a member there as long as u have a CPL to expedite the process. Once that is done u can retrieve your firearm from your vehicle and bring it into the "show".
  4. singleshooter

    singleshooter Oregon Member

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    im glad to hear the rules before i bring in my trades. i know the albany and salem show you can bring them in. probably wont make it to the puyallup show this time.
  5. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    The Puyallup show (and I believe a few others) are run/put on by the WAC. They have their own list of rules that area above that of WA state rules. Shows put on by others in WA simply follow state law and you are allowed to bring firearms in for sale without extra requirements.

    Being from OR for you to sell at a show you will have to do it though an FFL to comply with Federal Law though. I am not sure how WAC deals with OR residents but it should be easy enough to look up.