WTS OR Moving Sale - Sig P229(.40), Glock 23(.40), Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun and Ammo Package

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    I am moving out of the country and selling everything I can't take with me including all of my guns and ammo. I apologize if this posting doesn't fit exactly in the handgun section, but this is a package sale offer.

    Package price: $1200 (see list below)

    I would like to find an interested buyer for all of the guns and ammunition (listed below) as a package. Selling everything at once to one person is convenient, so I am willing to take a hit on what I could probably sell for pieced out. The package price is $1200.

    I am not interested in trades, but I will consider possibly selling the Sig and ammo separately from the package, so if you are interested in those alone please make me a reasonable offer.

    Sig P229 (.40) - original factory case and all contents included - only 50 rounds fired
    Glock 23 (.40) - original factory case and all contents included - only about 150 rounds fired
    Remington 870 Tactical (12 gauge) - all original contents included plus a shotgun case - never fired

    -10 sig P229 mags
    -6 block 23 mags

    -900 rounds of target ammo- .40 cal
    -300 hollow point rounds - .40 cal
    -25 rounds of buckshot - 12 gauge
    -50 rounds of super x game load 2-3/4” #8 lead - 12 gauge

    Additional items included:
    -range bag
    -glock 23 gun/ammo holsters
    -Hill People Kit Bag (concealed chest rig that can be used for jogging, hiking, etc and works with both the Sig and the Glock)

    FFL transfer required and looking for a buyer in the greater Portland area or willing to come to the Portland area.

    IMG_3511.jpg IMG_3510.jpg IMG_3512.jpg IMG_3514.jpg IMG_3513.jpg IMG_3515.jpg IMG_3516.jpg IMG_3517.jpg IMG_3521.jpg
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    Merry Christmas to someone!
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