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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Nwcid, Feb 24, 2014.

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    So I am teaching an EMT-B class again this year, but we are using a new curriculum this time.

    Tonights lecture is on terrorism and it has some "interesting" text.

    Under Domestic Terrorism it says;
    “Groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are directed at a government or population, without foreign direction”
    Environmental terrorists
    Racial-hate groups
    Extreme political or religious groups

    Then in the "teaching" section it says; "Have each student research an example of domestic terrorism. Discuss the threats that come from within."

    Then under Type of Event it says;
    Types of events with high suspicion of terrorist involvement
    Explosions and/or use of incendiaries
    Incidents involving firearms
    Nontrauma mass casualty incidents

    In the "teaching points" it says; "Explosions and/or incendiaries are among the favorite types of weapons used by terrorists. Incidents involving firearms are to be treated as suspicious, especially if they occur in conjunction with other indicating factors. Nontrauma mass casualty incidents have occurred more frequently as the arsenal of terrorism has increased. Any large number of victims without obvious physical injury but with the same or similar symptomology should be considered for terrorist involvement."

    Well at least I am teaching and can fix the problem with this. Also we are in an area where guns are prevalent and not "scary things", but this is being taught in a national curriculum.
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    Keep your head down, you may be monitored for Korrectness
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    Don't they just wait for SWAT to clear the area first and then just call the meat wagon since everyone wounded dies during the four hour wait? just kidding
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    Just got my EMT B not to long ago. I will be going for my paramedic soon! Good luck with your teaching!
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    Thanks and blessings to the EMTs. An un-appreciated skill set.
    Remember Situational awareness, Scene Safety.
    Nobody cares more about your well being than you!
    SWAT may not cue into a mass casualty incident involving NBC.
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    Well I didn't get a chance to do my lecture on this last night due to time constraints. I will be doing it Saturday though. The funny thing is this stuff describes a large portion of the people simply living in our area.

    We ran out of time because we had our LEO "demo" last night and it took longer then planned. They come in and we talk about some of their equipment and how to deal with it and treat them. Obviously there are all the bad things that can happen to us but the #1 thing that kills EMS/Fire/LEO is vehicle accidents. It is good to teach the students how to strip the LEO out of their gear so they can be handled like any other patient.

    This year we had 2 class members volunteer to be shot with a taser. The class had a great time.
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