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The only fast food joint I eat at anymore is Burgerville. They use only grass-fed, grass-finished non-hormone and non-antibiotic beef. Once I read how the cattle in the corn-finished feedlots had to be pumped full of drugs so that they wouldn't die before slaughter, well, that did it for me.

I worked for a major meat snack company for 17 1/2 years, I know what could be in those, no thanks. We used fairly good meats but for a chopped/pureed/formed item like that that is produced in the quantity that those are I wouldnt rule out the snouts, spleen, or anything else not associated with the spine including LFTB (lean finely textured beef) which is basically mechanically deboned beef same as chicken MDC. These are most likely produced elsewhere (Brazil, austrailia, etc.) where the USDA does inspect but also misses the ocassional issues like over vaccination or too early of a slaughter which leads to higher levels of these in the finished product. Hope the minimum wage worker reheating them gets the correct internal or you get the Mc squirts at the least.
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