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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by 223to45, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Well I have been looking for a new carry gun. I am looking at Glock 32 or a Sig P229 SAS .357.

    I know these guns are worlds apart. I am very familiar with Glocks, but keep thinking about a little variety.
    I also keep thinking that for the price of the Sig I can almost buy 2 Glocks .

    I know lots of people like to complain about the weight, but I am not worried about the weigh,t I used to carry a full size 1911 SA TRP Operator , it was 45oz empty, so the Sig will fill light.

    So for any of you that has owned the P229 in .357 what are your thoughts?? So far the research turns up mostly positive stuff, but most of it was older.
  2. civilian75

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    I had a P229 with a 40sw & 357Sig barrel. Last year I decided to divest 357. Nothing wrong with it. I just chose 40 cal instead. Ammo is pricy, but if you reload, then, only getting brass could be an issue. That is, under normal circumstances. Now, everything is an issue.

    By the way, albeit not my carry weapon, my P229 is still my favorite handgun. And i have other Sigs, Springers, & S&W.
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    I also have the Sig 229 with a .357 barrel. I have only shot about 150 rounds through it because of cost, but the accuracy of the round is amazing! There is a significant difference in recoil between it and the 40 rounds. I think its simply due to how much faster the slide is cycling maybe? I carry this gun every so often, and to be honest it doesn't feel much different than my Taurus 24/7.

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