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LL Guns

I"ve dealt with Terry and Jan for years,and have always liked shopping and buying from them.All of my guns have come from there.
Short hours though,they are closed sunday,monday,and tuesday.
Small store,but they do have used guns,and new as well.some ammo,not much in the way of reloading stuff.Stock quite a few gun vaults.

Joe Link

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On my way up to my parents property in Amboy yesterday Jenny and I stopped by to have a look (can't just pass up an open gun shop). They were busy, but I got a chance to speak with the older gentleman for a few minutes (Terry probably? Seemed like the owner). Very nice guy with great customer service. He really made us feel welcome. Although we didn't buy anything yesterday, we definitely would.
Hey! watch that 'older gentlemen' talk,I think I"m older than Terry is !! :)

Yep,he's great to deal with,always has been.
amboy ya say? I used to live in Brookside trailer court up on 'the Prairie'. at that time we just stepped outside the trialer and started blasting if we wanted to.

aaaaah,the good old days.
I stop in whenever I go to Battle Ground and have extra money in my pocket. They have a fairly good selection of used guns (which is what interests me).

Happy Shootin'! -Tom
I've been a loyal customer of Terry & Jan's since '91. We've bought six guns there, including a mini 14 once owned by Clark County Sheriff's. Terry put a Hogue stock on it...super! I also bought my gunsafe from them.8)
I've been a loyal customer of Terry & Jan's since '91. We've bought six guns there, including a mini 14 once owned by Clark County Sheriff's. Terry put a Hogue stock on it...super! I also bought my gunsafe from them.8)

They had about 15 of those Mini-14s at one time. They were a screaming deal. That is one thing I had to fight the urge from buying...........
I shop her quite often as I live in Kalama and we have to go thru there quite often, I really like the couple of folks that are running the place "nice people" I can beat the prices but not always I purchased my AR thru him along with other stuff, last time I was in there there was a cold mood not sure what that was about.
I think when you don't always buy from a Gunstore I get the feeling they hate competition, but people need to understand as long as I get paid as low as my employer will afford I have to spend likewise..
all in all I have spent and brought in business for them that has added up to a couple thousand over a years time ...not too bad for a customer you don't know by name.
I was in sales before I went back to working with my brain and hands for the Nations Largest Computer processor mfg. and I learned a few things one is that you never never underestimate your customer...
all in all I hope they do great they really seem like nice folks!!!
once was a Sat at 3:30 and they close at 4:00. He was busy putting guns away and didn't want to help me much, she left. I asked about a Khar .45 pistol and got a short answer. Decided he was too wrapped up in closing to stop so I left.

Went back and looked at an AK-47 he had, seemed like the price was high even with the $100 off sale. Was nice and showed me the weapon with no comments or sales talk. Ended up buying a used AK-74 for less though.

Didn't have any ammo to speak of though, but neither does anyone else, at least not what I want.

I suppose if I were there more often and "cultivated" a relationship it would be different.

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LL guns has moved into their new home at the old 1st Indy bank.
tons of guns on display, will be getting handgun reloading supplies in as well.

call 1st,they used to have a short work week,forgot to notice if that has changed.
Terry & Jan are great folks and their new store is excellent. This is the best gun shop for used guns in the area. You never know what you will find there at excellent prices.
I get the impression he only stocks guns he approves of personally. But unlike the cretin in The Gun Room, he's not a jerk about it. (I feel bad for even making the comparison.) If they have what you want their prices are fair and he is good for info and a chat. Have bought there before and would again except, I'm never in their neck of the woods.
Great place to shop they have respect for the individual unlike some stores here in the Vancouver,Washington area , and overall make you feel welcome nothing but good things for this LGS
I found my Colt Detective Special SF-VI there after being made aware of this shop by another forum member. Nice selection of used guns for the size of a place it is.


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