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Just curious as to how many people here use laser sights on their handgun(s). I didn't see more than a handful of them in the "show your guns" thread, there's not much if any discussion of them here on the boards, nobody I know uses them and I think I've seen them used at a range once....ever. Now typically this sort of response would lead me to believe that laser sights are not only unpopular, but possibly not worth the money. I've never used them, but I've always been curious. Anybody here use 'em and if so, whatcha' think?
I have crimson trace on my 92fs and I love it. Nothing like a smoke filled range with a laser running. It also helps new shooters with muzzle control/wag.

On my M4gery it's for "bumpfire guidance" - not too accurate on that one.
I have Crimson Trace Lazergrips on my snubby and they are simply excellent! They are not some goofy clamp-on setup, but are designed to be a natural part of gripping your weapon. They are not on continuously, but only when you squeeze your normal grip tightly. They are fully adjustable, and hold their point of aim. Batteries are extremely long lasting, with spares waiting inside the grip itself.

Pistol lazer sights are a superb aid for shooting from difficult situations when a normal aim is impossible, such as from a "close-retention" stance, or from shielding cover. Shots can be accurately placed without using the sights, for example when there is no time or space to aim normally. Lazers are also excellent for trigger control training in dry fire practice, watching the dot move while the trigger is cycled.

Lazer sights are NOT designed to replace normal aimed fire, but to enhance shooting when sights are compromised by time or postition. Most negative comments about lazers are from people who have never tried Crimson Trace or other grip-based lazers. Hundreds of thousands of police and military people around the world use them. Crimson Trace usually has a booth at large gunshows to demo them---see for yourself.....................elsullo
I had read an article some time back on the psychological effects of the "raspberry".

Apparently perpetrators of crimes are, generally, disinclined to continue whatever crime they are doing when they have a laser trained on them, without a shot even being fired.

One would assume that they would have to notice the glowing "raspberry" in the middle of their chest first. They're typically not that observant though, in which case it would be another tool to help put lead where you wanted it.

Joe Link

I have a set of CT Laser Grips on my 1911. I can definitely see the advantage to having them if I were injured or unable to aim for some other reason. With the momentary switch the bad guy(s) won't know where you are until you switch it on, and it's not like you'd be hiding anyways.
A lot of people tell you that "It tells the badguy where you are at."

Which, it does. But why are you using it while clearing a room, is what I want to know.

The laser grip is best intended for CC. Ten foot engagements, put the laser right on his chest. That leaves your field of view open.

When you have to focus in on the sights, your view is strictly limited, even with both eyes open.


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