Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club Family Fun Day Report

The family day is where the range is open to everyone. The club provides 22 caliber pistols and rifles and the ammo. and the whole pistol side is for 22 only all day. The rifle range was for everything else.

On the 22 side we were shooting steels plate animal shaped targets. Why was ir so exciting? Shooters from a 4 y/o lad to a 40 something lady and everythirng in between ,age wise. but even more so was the guns.
I shot the:
GSG-5 Awesome.
The Ruger 10-22 Charger, super shooter.
FieldMaster 22 caliber Pump Rifle (Remington)
2 or 3 Ruger 10-22;s, a regular one, one with a hammered barrel
The Ruger MK2, MK3 and
several 22 revolvers

BUT OMG, HOLY MOLEY, I shot the Barrett 50 caliber rifle today, HOLY SHEEP DIP BATMAN< That thing is purely wonderful. And the cherry on top I also shot a full size Desert Eagle 50AE.

Unfortunely there where so many people waiting I didn't have time to shoot the 1919 semi-auto machine gun, but maybe next time.

I had also invited my co-worker and he brought his cousin and they were there shooting anything they could, They where there about 4+ hours.

All in all a super day. Tiring but a wonderful day. I am glad tomorrow is a holiday.

If y'all come to Kitsap County you are welcome to come visit. The website has the details
Sounds like a blast. I'm sorry I missed it, but I had a dozen people over for a BBQ. I was actually thinking of dragging my family out there today, but we all have a touch of the cold so it may just be a day of rest and stay in with a movie or two.

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