Katrina and Haiti Shows Why We Need to Preserve Our Freedoms....

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    The following quote jumped out at me:

    An old shotgun? Just like the Watts Riots, Rodney King Riots, and Katrina the mere presence of a means to protect oneself against bad people when there are no law enforcement personal around can make all the difference.

    Seems like if you can't get through to your anti-gun/hoplophobe friends any other way, appealing to their sense of self-preservation might be a good method. These horrible tragedies are bad enough in themselves, but made all the worse by how quickly anarchy springs into action and how fast the bad guys start exploiting the situation (some of the stories of New Orleans will curl your hair...)

    Some people might say highlighting this paragraph in that CNN article about Haiti is trying to exploit a tragedy, but I think it's more of recognition of how frail society really is and the need to protect yourself and your family when tragedy strikes.

    Regardless, this is pure horror unfolding down there and helping our fellow humans down in Haiti is of huge importance right now. :(

    (More reasons not to give up our 2nd Amendment rights:
    "Gangs Armed With Machetes Loot Port-Au-Prince
    Central Business District Resembles **** On Earth As Bodies Pile Up And Armed Men Battle Over Food, Supplies"
    http://wcbstv.com/national/haiti.earthquake.haiti.2.1427143.html )
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    This is exactly why I live out of town and do not depend on society to maintain order when disaster strikes, because historically the townie’s rape and pillage each other when they become desperate. When you live out of town there is far less probability of social unrest because generally people are more prepared to deal with services being shut down, etc. and there just is less people to get desperate. Also more home owners are armed percentage wise anyways in rural areas.

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