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Washington We need to make firearms harder to use

Genius Man on the Street solves the "gun violence" problem.

"Guns are just too easy to use it doesn't require thought," Staldey said.

I stopped thinking a long time ago, or so I'm told. :rolleyes:


If firearms were easy to use...
Then everyone would come in first place in a shooting match and every hunter would bring home dinner....

On a more grim note...its not the firearm , nor its perceived ease of use , that causes harm or murders...
It is the person who pulls the trigger and their willingness to cause harm or murder that is the issue here.
Edit to add :
Changed the words kill and kills to murder and murders...
There is a world of difference between killing and murder...
One can have the willingness to kill and still not be a criminal.
The headline seems over dramatic ... shot "multiple times". He was shot twice. Yes twice is more than once, but why not say shot twice? "Multiple times" just sounds like a full blown firefight. Not to downplay the seriousness of the crime of course, but no need to over dramatize the event.


I think it's BMW's. More and more when I'm out on the roads people in BMWs are total AHs. Any more I expect some issue when I see a BMW on the road.


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