Is it Legal to shoot on my land in Clackamas County

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by jgeist, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I own 3 acres a bit outside of the city limits in Clackamas County. I would like to set up a short distance outdoor range for handgun practice (a heavy duty backstop would be in place) and I am trying to find out if it is legal to shoot on my property or not... No guess's here as I do not want to get in major crap, I am looking for as much detail as I can get... Any ideas?
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    I would think it would be ok, but I suggest you contact the county mounties. Every experience I have had with them has been positive. I am sure they could tell you if you would be ok with that. My guess is that if you have neighbors near by, they would be your biggest problem. I would contact everyone within ear shot (so to speak) and let them know, or find out how they feel about it. If you just started shooting one day, you might get a visit from a confused LEO.

    I have a friend with about 10 ish acres out on Harding Rd. well outside the city and shooting is fine. His neighbors often will shoot on their property as well.
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    I would make sure that you are indeed outside of city limits. Years ago a buddy and I were hunting south of Overland Park, KS in what we were sure was the country. About 20 minutes after we had shot a couple of rabbits an Overland Park Police car pulls up with lights flashing asking what the heck we thought we were doing. Long story short, he didn't arrest us although he could have. Turns out the city had annexed a bunch of rural land for future development and we were hunting well within city limits although there wasn't a house any where even remotely close to where we were.
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    I've been shooting on my 8 acres between Carver and Redland for about eighteen years with no problems or complaints. I hear others nearby on occasion as well. Just be sure you are not inside the city limits of one of the "new" towns like Happy Valley or Damascus or something and go for it. The above advice to check with the Clackadeputies would also put your mind at ease. Have many happy and safe shoots!!!
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    We shoot on our land all the time, and almost everyone else in the area here also shoots on their property. It would be my suggestion, that every time, before you start firing on your range, you call the Sheriff an give them a heads up, so when the "gunshots heard" phone calls come in from your area come in they know they do not have to waste their time.

    Make sure there are no close houses down range and don't shoot so often, and at such times, as to be a burr in your neighbors collective bonnet.
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    I do believe that the law states that it is illegal to shoot inside the city limits. Beings that your outside of it you should be good to go.
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    and that cop JUMPED on the opportunity to make himself feel smart by trying to make you feel dumb, despite the fact that it was not only an easy mistake to make, but that it'd probably been made 40 times before.

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    It is legal to shoot on your land as long as you are not within city limits and doing so safely. Check out ORS 166.171 it outlines it quite well.

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