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Is Bloomy starting to 'get it?'

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Western Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Is Bloomberg starting to ‘get it’ about semi-auto rifles?

    Buried in a new CNN report about anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sudden shift of attention almost totally to background checks is an indication that the Big Apple billionaire may be starting to understand the futility of arguing that a ban on semiautomatic rifles will have much of an impact on deadly crime.

    Is Bloomberg starting to ?get it? about semi-auto rifles? - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com
  2. BigStick

    BigStick Sherwood, OR Well-Known Member

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    "Get it"? I would bet my entire bank acount against that. But he may realize that he won't be able to keep his little ban once the courts get ahold of it.
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  3. duane black

    duane black Washington Well-Known Member

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    He just knows that a Finestein ban is a pipe dream at this point and will go with what has the best possible chance of success. Bloomberg didn't amass a 27 BILLION dollar fortune due to poor decision making.

    Bloomberg would flip a switch and disarm EVERY SINGLE person in this country if he could.

    Nope, he doesn't 'get it'.
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  4. Oklahomie

    Oklahomie Marysville Active Member

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    Why does he have a raging hard-on for gun control?
  5. ATCclears

    ATCclears Seattle area, WA Well-Known Member

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    It is not gun control simply for gun control. It is gun control to better control the sheeple as we get further into financial/economic difficulty.

    Imagine you are stinking rich. Would you rather live in an armed or de-armed country when it comes to your safety?

  6. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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    Unfortunately the anti response to demonstrating that background checks don't stop bad guys, is just to ban more guns.

    Look on the bright side - in November 2013 Bloomberg is out of office, and has far less ability to influence other mayors and media.
  7. salmonriverjohn

    salmonriverjohn N.W Oregon coast, Gods country Well-Known Member

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    He has the 5'6" Napoleon complex.

    "Diane Sawyer may be a veteran journalist and may seem totally unflappable, but even she has totally embarrassing moments. This morning, during a segment unveiling Good Morning America's new holiday windows from the New York Botanical Gardens, she called Mayor Bloomberg a "munchkin." Really: “As a little munchkin, did you come to New York?”

    Kudos to her for calling it like it is,,, for once. I'll bet the tyrannical little twerp almost had reporters banned from NY too.
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  8. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Puyallup, WA Well-Known Member

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    No, he is not starting to get it. He got the same text message as the senate democrats: "Lay off the weapons, for we cannot win it at this time. To much public support. Besides we are 'against guns' and we need to be 'for something positive' like public safety. Focus on ammo limitations, magazine bans and universal background checks. Stop wasting our efforts on the limiting of perceived rights and start working for the people's so-called safety"

    Ever notice how the democrats all shift their opinions at the very same time?

    *note: the above was not actually a real text message that I am privy to, but an interpretation of the actions of those against guns.

  9. Rotty

    Rotty Skagit County Active Member

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    Guys with that kind of money do not live in the same reality as the average Joe. He can afford to sit in his Penthouse and pay people to do his bidding. Heck he probably never has to leave his home if be didn't want to. So it's easy for a guy like this to think he has all the answers.
  10. oknow

    oknow amboy wa. Well-Known Member

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    If anyone believes that blumburg is getting it about guns then they are going nut's and should seek help