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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by GrpCapMandrake, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Personal responsibility? That's crazy talk!

    Look I got one for ya. I was reading a bunch of responses to a Prepping video on You Tube.

    More than a few replied that we don't need to prep in the USA.
    One even said there has never been an event in The States that warrants prepping [The responses were from all over the Globe] .
    And these folks are angry at the whole Idea of prepping!

    They feel that somehow preparing is selfish. And the ''I'm going to be able to take care of myself'' attitude is hurting others?

    I think it's a reaction to fear. These folks don't know what to do. So they strike out at people, who are working to find answers to there security concerns.

    It goes something like this.

    Hey. If preppers are right in there fears. Then I must be wrong? But that would mean the world is not a safe place? That's scary! I don't want to accept that. NO! Prepping is stupid!

    This is what there selfish minds are missing.

    If someone doesn't prepare buy setting aside resources. Then who will be able to help others?
    I mean. If you want to save a drowning man. But don't have a life preserver. All you can do to help, is cheer him on.
    And if you are both drowning. All you can do is claw and scratch at to each other as you both drown.

    If we don't prepare for things to get ugly. And are not willing to help ourselves? What good are we to others?

    Our only consolation is this.

    We know when things go wrong. And people are forced to deal with reality. These non prepared people will be begging for help! And when there so hungry and thirsty they will lick the sweat off a dead mans balls. For a drop of water. You can remind them. Your not so thirsty. Things are rosy!
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    Prepping is just life insurance. Deal is you are betting things will go wrong and you are buying insurance in solid tangibles that you control. Anyone who doesn't have insurance can't see the potential for calamity.o_O
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    I read somewhere: "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."


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