I'm a gun person because I trust people, not because I'm paranoid.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by mo1826, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I was thinking the other day about how much I can't stand the kind of bs where people who are unfamiliar with firearms view the firearm friendly community as being paranoid or mistrustful. They go "What is wrong with that guy that makes him feel like he needs an AR with a (standard) large capacity magazine?"

    What I see in myself and in other 2nd amendment supporters around me is a person full of trust and faith in his fellow citizens. I trust my neighbors to be responsible with firearms. I would trust an educator to be responsible with a firearm. I would trust a young person with the right guidance and introduction to be responsible with a firearm. I would trust the average person to be responsible with generally any firearm or amount of ammunition.

    There are many who will want to take away guns no matter what but I think there's a lot of people that just don't get it YET and need a little more information and exposure to the facts and info available. I think it could be really positive to start making it clear that support of the 2nd amendment has a lot to do with how much we trust each other as opposed to how we mistrust a handful of politicians and officials. While the formation of a militia and a fight against tyranny may be the core value of the 2nd amendment's protection of our right, perhaps the reason we are SOOO passionate about it is our enormous amount of trust we have for our neighbors, educators, youngsters, and the great faith we have in humanity overall.

    Maybe this is dumb but I just think there's a lot of people that don't get it. I'm not paranoid, I trust people generally.

    We trust our fellow americans.
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    Great post mo1826.
  3. del_and_bones

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    I agree mo1826.

    People have become of the mindset that one is guilty (irresponsible) until proven innocent (responsible).
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    Mo1826, you have articulated something that I had never thought to mention in this debate over gun ownership. I too am a trusting person until somebody proves otherwise. Placing trust in someone can reap far better benefits than initially doubting them.

    With young people I take the same approach. Give a kid enough rope and they will either hang themselves or make macramé. Most kids go the macramé route but having placed faith in them and letting them find their way is a better lesson than doubt first and trust last.

    Great post.
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    Do you give people the freedom to screw up, and sometimes screw up big, or do you commit everybody to a rubber room preventively?
    My experience is that normal folks tend to rise (or sink) to my level of expectation for them.

    The real irony is the way the hoplophobe hysteria is being stoked by elected public officials, who seem to think that they have more to fear from the gen pop than us average folks do. Maybe they're right to be nervous; maybe they earned it.

    A lot less insularity and hubris in Washington D.C. is just what the country needs right now, IMO.
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    Thank you MO1826, well said.

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