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    Appleseed® is an all volunteer organization and we are always looking for more help.

    We ask people to attend at least 2 of our events as shooters to make sure you understand our mission and what we do. You can find a link to all of our scheduled NW shoots here: Northwest Region - ID, OR, WA, western MT

    Once you have seen who we are and what we do then you can step up and take a hat.

    Blue hats are administrative volunteers or Applecore; helping with registration, passing out targets, scoring and the like.

    Orange hats are people interested in becoming instructors on working with shooters. We ask people who take an orange hat to be proficient marksmen and must have shot a rifleman's score of 210 or better on our AQT at an Appleseed® event. There are 4 levels of Orange hats or Instructors In Training before you can promote to a Red hat or a full instructor.

    Of course anyone can help us with what we call 7th stepping; telling others about Appleseed® and encouraging them to come out and see for themselves.

    For more information or
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