Holster for EAA Witness P Carry Compact

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by 97321, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I recently bought an EAA Witness P Carry Compact in 9 mm. I love the gun, but there's no support market for it. Not a big enough seller to attract the attention of the after-market manufacturers.
    Scanning through various forums I've come across plenty of others who have posted threads like "I need a good holster for my Witness". Some will say the Sig P220 accessories will work for this gun, but others will post their experience where it doesn't. Nobody says, "In my first-hand experience, the Intergalactic Polyxyleprene Gargle Blaster holster model 69#X14 with a craptonite band addition works great for this gun!"

    So for you lost souls out there with a Witness P Carry Compact in 9 mm but no holster, today's your day. In my personal first-hand experience, the DeSantis Right Hand - Black - Speed Scabbard (3 slot) model 002BAB3Z0 works great for this gun. I got mine at Optics Planet for $51.29 with free shipping. It's a little tight, but that's typical. It'll break in just fine. The tension adjustment screw is nice, too.

    I'll post some pics if I can find the camera USB cable. Must have left it with the Gargle Blaster, darn it.
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    Thanks for the info. Lots of good guns out there but finding there is no aftermarket support can get challenging.

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