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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by slugman, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Hi all;
    Which one guys AND gals?:confused:
    K3B .223 or Cetme .308
    Olympic Arms K3B
    + can buy new from J and S down the road:)
    + low recoil for daughter 14 who shoots old/cheap/ not too accurate SKS and small (filipino) wife who hasnt shot before
    + M4 adjustable stock-same as above
    + tons of accessories:)
    + fairly cheap ammo:D
    + American
    - everybody has an AR-15 style rifle:sleep:
    - do not have anything that shoots .223
    - did I mention everybody has one !!!!! does say something for the design and availability

    CA / Cetme .308
    + shoots same ammo as my M1A:thumbup:
    + i want one:D
    + did I mention I want one??:D:D
    + not as common as AR's
    - ammo not as cheap for the better stuff:(
    - HAVE to buy used:(
    - unknown quality from CA,some good, some bad, some really bad
    -I have a great rifle, my girls do not

    What do you think??? Buy for my girls, or buy for me? Really leaning for the K3B,but dont really like AR's. I think I answered my own question, but looking for opinions :confused:
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    If I wanted a cheap AR-15, I would buy a CMMG bargain bin rifle, not an Olympic Arms.

    If I wanted an awesome AR-15 at a very affordable price I'd get a BCM.

    If I wanted a G3-type rifle, I'd get a PTR-91, not a CETME.

    Not gonna say you *shouldn't* buy the firearms you have selected, but just putting some other options on the table. :)

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