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    Hey gang! Been off NWF and out of the gun scene for almost a year now due to life getting in the way. Looking to get back in the game with some wheeling and dealing but I'm way of the loop. I've got a Springfield XD sub compact .40 and a Mossberg 930 SPX that I'm going to put up for sale as soon as I get pricing figured out. Sooooo.... Anybody know what a fair price for these is now? Sorry for the lame post but I need to get some info from you guys before I put them up. Thanks!
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    It's a "free market" People ask what they want to, you choose to pay that price or not. The free market is very simple when thought of that way.

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    i always check what stuff sold on Gunbroker for and go from there.
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    Most people start off really high and then either take it off the market in a snit, trade it, or sell it much lower than they thought. I am guilty of all of these sins.

    Now if you want to sell it quick from what I can see a good rule for a commodity gun is to check what it went for new on Buds then drop it 30-50 bucks if it's not beat up. I don't care what you overpaid at your local LGS, if I can get a new one for less than you are asking I am going to snicker at your ad a little then move on.

    The difference between "21 flawless rounds" and 1000 rounds is negligible to me. I'll put 300-500 rounds through a gun I like over a weekend. Used is used.

    Pricing it as a "package" to get rid of all of the accessories with it is a dicey move. You really do limit the buyers when you do this. Make them an option, you can always trade them for more stuff. In the olden days a package was still $50 below low retail and a holster with 50 rounds of ammo was thrown in to sweeten the pot. Now it's become some kind of weird value-add way to sell try and a used glock for $750.

    Same with most of the modifications to the gun. They add pretty much zero to the guns value to me, most of the time I'm going to take them off so they just cost me money. Lots of exceptions here though (especially with LR rifles)! Night sights and a -1 disconnector are worthless to me. But they may be worth something to another guy, you just limit your market when you price it really high.

    Those that realize that modifications don't add value for the unwashed masses and don't try to get over a new gun price for a used gun usually sell real quick and then remove the ad text/price and lock it so you never get a real sense of the pulse of the classifieds unless you are all over it every day.

    "Mods please delete" when a gun is sold is so very sad. Mods never delete.

    To your questions!

    An XD depreciates quick, probably just below $400 if you want to sell it fast, $425-$450 if you want some room to negotiate. $519 new at cabelas, $385 used at Buds.

    That shotgun is pretty much worthless, you may as well just let me recycle it for you :)
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    type on google "WTS XD-SUBCOMPACT" to see what are current prices are. Also pay attention to the post date.
  7. Otter

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    OBO - when in doubt. I like to sell what I don't want any more and I like to give people a good deal, so I tend to set my prices lower than I should just to move it. Getting $50 less than it might be worth is better than sitting on something I no longer have a use for.
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    I use to help determine value, they have a feature that let's you look at sold items and prices up to 90 back.
    As mentioned Gun Broker helps too.

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