Funky axle & Wheels

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    Seems like every time I throw things away someone says hey, I could have used that!
    So i'll give it till bump time then its going to the recyclers. I have no pictures so will do my best to describe:
    Came off a well made but home made small boat trailer, was working fine but have no spare and intend to travel some and want a spare. so bought a new axle.
    made from 4" square tube with some kind of car front end wheel asslembly welded really nice to it. Axle has about a four to five inch drop from center of tire to top of tube. Four hole rims but not standard and les schwab could not find a rim to fit. tires are good and a rimless spare tire. tires are about 20" tall so maybe 12 to 13" rims. bearings have been replaced and has bearing buddies or similar device. when assembled the axle measures 64 1/2 " center of tire to center of tire. no springs or U bolts. U haul from Beaverton. I'm guessing it's 1000 #'s plus or minus axle.

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