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    I've been pretty happy with my Nitecore MH12 it runs on a single rechargeable 18650 or two cr123a's. Max output is 1000 lumens It has a usb charging port in case you need to charge it in an emergency (though I always use an external charger ). It has several modes including strobe and SOS in morse code The only thing I don't like about it is the charging port (which has an attached rubber plug to give it some level of resistance) is near the mode change button so sometimes its annoying to be pressing on what you think is the mode change button only to realize after a few presses its the charger cover (maybe Its me just being a goofball though, on second thought it probably is). I think I got mine with an 18650 and a couple cr123a's for 60-70$ I've had it over a year now and its been through tons of abuse and keeps working fine

    Edit: keep an eye out for primary arms to do a sale on the streamlight protac's as well. I seem to recall they have em for pretty cheap and I've never had a problem with streamlight products
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    Back in the day, we used MagLites. Now it is pretty much Surefire.

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