Deer hunting or target shooting?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by svg4, Aug 4, 2010.

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    I had an odd experience today. I was at Tri-County on the 200/300 yard range by myself. I had been shooting my .270 for about an hour. I was working on some different positions for deer season. Just as I was about to pull the trigger, I caught movement on the edge of the my scope. I held up and sure enough, there was a doe and a fawn walking and browsing across the range. It took them about 5 minutes to move off right into the brush. I shot a couple of times and here they came again and walked totally unconcerned back out onto the range. Then back in the brush. A few more shots and here they came running like they were being chased, stopped 2/3's of the way across and started to browse. I finally took a water break and they left. All the other ranges were in action and it sounded like a war zone. They couldn't have been less concerned. We need to be careful at Tri-County. Had they been running the first time I probably would have shot the doe. I have no idea what would have happened. Who would believe it was an accident? Fun to watch.
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    So the doe had her baby and is still hanging out! She was BIG and ROUND when I saw her a couple months ago... She wouldn't stay off the 100 Yd general purpose range!!! We had to call a cease fire several times and run her off. Finally at the end of the evening there were only a couple of us still shooting - she came out and bedded down on lanes 3-4-5 just behind the berm at the 50 yd line. We were all still shooting on the far right lanes (23-24 :huh: ), so we just kept a CLOSE watch on her and let her be. She wasn't affected at all by us shooting and stayed there even when we went out to change our targets. The deer are completely desensitized to the gun fire.

    The range officers told me they have found deer and other wildlife that have been shot.... off in the brush between ranges. I could see it perhaps happening once or twice as accident over the years, and a deer ran off into the brush and died, but I'm sure some jackasses have done it deliberately.
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    Try shoo-ing the deer off the range at Clark Rifles/Vancouver sometime. I've chased them off, tossed rocks (they bend down and sniff them), yelled, etc., they are essentially pets and we cease-fire whenever they are around. Lately a few spikes, but mostly does.
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    We had to stop shooting at the 100 yard range a couple of times this spring at Tri county a couple of times once we had to do a cease fire even with the siren on and the lights going some one had to run out and shoo them off. I need one of those with horns that doesn't mind rifle fire this fall.:laugh:

    svg4 so what load have you worked up for your 270? I was there at the 200 a week ago and I have the perfect round with the 130 partition worked up.
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    We used to have this problem with cows at Canby years ago. I remember seeing a vid of a guy shooting a machine gun at a range and you can see this deer run right past the impact zone. Weird stuff.

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