Dear Boss:

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    True Story time:

    My Brother is a Certified Power Plant Operator: his Cert is all the way Up to Nuclear Power Plants. PG&E, trains and does CE as required by Law.

    So, my brother was trained "How to do a Power Nap" (and it is defined in the Operators Manual, closing eyes, breathing Out, then slow Inhale, Out in, Two Minutes Max...

    So, his feet Elevated (rule of PN) Eyes Closed, breathing, HIS Boss Walks in.

    Boss does NOT Like my Brother. Says he caught him sleeping.

    My brother Does NOT alter his Position, He Justs QUOTES Chapter, Page, Paragraph number, Then the Sentence, Verbatim!!!!

    Fifteen Seconds later, he is done with his Regulation Time Out, returns to Upright Awareness, and says to (Still standing there Boss)

    "Did you Need Something" like nothing had taken place!

    Side notes, he works 12 on 12 off, the Company Bought each PPO Their Own $300.00 Ergonomic Chair, so Zero time is spent ReAdjusting a Single Chair On Company TIME! While on Regular Duty Cycle, we has. U shaped Desk, with Seventeen Monitors that cover 5,000 square Miles of Electric Grid, yes he is under STRESS Conditions!!!!

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