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Cow elk butchering results

I went on a cow hunt with my brother a couple of weeks ago, private land meat hunt. Shot a nice cow. We process all our own meat and I just finished the last package of burger. Here’s how it all turned out, in terms of Foodsaver packages, boneless portions big enough for two plus a late night snack:

44 packages of round steak (big muscles behind the rear leg)
7 packages of rump
17 packages of backstrap
3 packages of sirloin (big muscles in front of the rear leg)
2 packages of shoulder steak
8 packages of blade roast
7 packages of tenderloin
69 packages of burger (trim from round, sirloin, rib, neck)


That’s elk for dinner three times a week for a year.


I’m pretty pleased.



Sounds good to me. No need to add a bunch of breading and grease to a cut of meat that is as close to perfect as possible.
Now this is why the SEC kicks our asses.
Feed those Ducks some Chicken Fry !
(I think they're doin' it this year, actually)



Little known secret for you yanks up here...

if the menu says country fried, in my experience, it isn’t worth eating.

Chicken fried venison is insanely good - never had elk done that way but some breading and lard will make cheap meat great so I don’t see a down side:D:rolleyes:.

by the way @pharmseller - what was the estimated weight when it was all said and done?



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