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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by GuyBMeredith, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Are firearms used in self defense retained as evidence? I'm thinking I may want to carry (I have the permit), cannot afford to buy a firearm for carry.

    The only firearm I own that would come close to working for CHL is an M66 and I would not want it retained by the police and bashed about in an evidence locker.
  2. hermannr

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    the answer is maybe. Depends on how clearcut the defensive situation was. I would assume it will be and plan accordingly.

    Now, I am going to say something that a lot of people will argue about,,,but I have carried for 42+ years and it has worked for me. I wear a very nice holster that holds the weapon very close to my body so it is very unobtrusive, and, unless it is cold enough for a heavy winter coat, I carry openly. I do not dress specifically for my carry, I dress for the weather, but that usually means my carry is in open sight.

    So, why Open Carry when you have a CPL/CHL...for the same reason LE carries openly. I put the bad guys on notice, I am capable of responding to violence with deadly return, go look for a weaker target. It has worked for me.

    The one time someone was screaming he was going to beat me to a pulp (for what reason I know not), when I turned and he saw I was armed, he very quickly decided that he had better things to than beat me to a pulp, elswhere, My carry never left it's holster, yet it did the job of protecting me and mine.

    If you open carry, and do not act like a nervous Nelly (if you want to check it, use your elbow), most people will never notice, but those that would do you harm will, and will leave you alone. If you are worried about your weapon going into an evidence locker it is best you never have to use it, but you still want it if you need it. Open Carry is the answer IMHO.
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    Not trying to rub it in, but this very subject is why I'm glad to have six different handguns that I can OC/CC... two 9mm, three .45ACP, and one .357 (soon to be two).

    I agree, retaining of your CCW for "evidence" will depend on the circumstances...
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    I'd rather my firearm be locked up as evidence after having to use it in self defense than me being locked up in cold storage until my funeral. No matter how expensive the gun, I value my life, or the life of those I love, more.
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