The number of Glock threads on this forum is too damn high.

Gaston's 17th invention proved you could make a durable gun cheaply out of plastic in 1980 but has rapidly become an outdated design supported by an amazing marketing machine. Like those bubblegumty Dyson vacuum cleaners.

What other gun designs are ho-hum but everyone thinks is the best thing since we discovered you can put chocolate sauce on ice cream?

I'll start, the S&W Shield. Yeah, it's tiny and it's a 9mm but that trigger is so so bad it almost feels like it's malfunctioning out of the box.


I actually love my G20, such a handy tool to have, it makes a great tire chock, a door stopper, a boat anchor, a bludgeon, ect.......
Yea, it works every time, and some times it even choots! The trigger is pretty good compared to most, it's only somewhat gritty/sloppy, not nearly as bad as others!

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