Bubble gum is a type of chewing gum, designed to be inflated out of the mouth as a bubble.

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  1. Capn Jack

    Bubblegum Moments

    Bubblegum Moments, I'm sure we've all had some....:rolleyes: Like the time you saw the tiny screw you've been looking for disappear up the shop vac nozzle. :eek: The first time you tried to mix glue in a Styrofoam cup...:p
  2. mrblond

    Ah Bubblegum RIP Roy.

    Roy Clark, country music legend and 'Hee Haw' star, dead at 85 Sad Sad news coming after Stan Lee.:(
  3. Pops1911

    Washington  I-1639

    Preaching to the choir here I know ... Just received my WA Voter's pamphlet today. I-1639 is even worse to see it in print. Abominable mishmash of anti-gunner propaganda. If it were allowed I would vote, "Oh h3ll NO!" I will just vote a simple "no" and hope 2A supporters across WA will also...
  4. MrRob96

    Bubblegum glock

    The number of Glock threads on this forum is too damn high. Gaston's 17th invention proved you could make a durable gun cheaply out of plastic in 1980 but has rapidly become an outdated design supported by an amazing marketing machine. Like those bubblegumty Dyson vacuum cleaners. What other gun...
  5. L

    Washington  More "gun safety" legislation proposed by Seattle.

    Seattle's proposed gun law faces huge hurdle "How exactly the city frames this legislation will be determined in the months ahead. It could include anything from making this tax-related, or labeling this a public health matter — as they did to get the initiative banning safe injection sitesshot...
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