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Wonder if it will make any difference at all, or just put them a little further behind time wise.
This is just more political pandering, Chippman is just a burden with the elections coming up. Just another failure that the dems have to live down until they convince the sheepeople to support another abominable choice..
Last Edited:
Facebook rumors are for Gabby Giffords to be named

He would be stupid then, O'Puke out and out said his goal was to take away your/our 'ar15's and ak47's" "heck ya!!"...
His likelihood of getting confirmed would probably be less likely then sh_itman...
Yeah, but the DNC thought Joe was a V-8 candidate, seems he's having trouble, just firing on 1 cylinder. Either GG or Beta would be plausible. Or how about Rob Bonker (deliberate) of the Kommunist Republik of Kalifornia's AG office??
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