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I saw they'd appointed Kamala to run this, and I didn't believe it. Had to verify on a couple sources to make sure I wasn't reading a satire site....🤣🤣🤣
A picture says a thousand words...


A picture says a thousand words...

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the usual suspects
A picture says a thousand words...

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What is she like... 17?
On one hand, Joe putting his little crusaders in positions of power certainly doesn't bode well generally. On the other hand, though, Joe put the Hoe over the entire dept which means he's not really taking it seriously.

"We need an office for gun violence, because guns are used in violence. Violence is tearing apart our communities. And when guns and violence tear communities apart, those communities are torn. Apart. By violence. Violence when guns are present. We are against violent guns!" - Kamala Harris, probably, in the near future
A picture says a thousand words...

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She was for "Universal Masking" in 2020. And been working with the "Perv in Chief" for much longer. He probably buys her the shampoo he likes the smell of. :rolleyes:
If the feds were serious about reducing gun violence they would promote gun safety classes in schools. Instead, they push classes like "sex ed for pre-adolescents" and "Tranny 101".
And they'd lock up criminals in possession of firearms…. But they won't, that's their voting block.. cell Block D…
Keeps the rest of us on edge & susceptible to buying in to their emergency mandates, a la New Mexico.

It's amazing how persistent & effective the fear angle is. I am reading a book on CIA operation MK Ultra. Since the Cold War, at least, and certainly today, fear of the "them" part in "us vs them" makes the public seek safety even in the form of heinous govt operations, arguably including the wars we've engaged in from Vietnam, on.

Armed felons, today, keep "us" in line, and seeking a solution. Too many of us cop out to the govt to solve that problem on our behalf.

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