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Gun Violence Prevention:

1) Stay out of the hood and high-crime areas
2) Don't be a criminal
3) Always exercise the basic rules of gun safety.

There. And it didn't cost anyone a dime.
This has nothing to do with "gun violence prevention". Everyone involved with the new department are known extreme leftist activists and gun control proponents. Their target will not be the criminals, but law abiding Americans exercising their Constitutional rights.
Maybe citizens are smelling the coffee now with a fedreral anti gun niolence program along with the probability that sanctuary migrants will be voting?
Well golly.
I have some pretty old guns....
I mean this guy has been kicking around ( more or less ) since the 1500's...
No telling what he has been up too in all that time.... :D

Oh wait....
Its a gun....and since guns , really can't do anything without human interaction...
I ain't going to over worry about it.

Gee Joe ( not our Joe as in Joe Link :D )
Why don't you announce the federal office of human violence prevention...
Or better yet enforce the laws we have against...violence....sigh.
People are so concerned with all the other things the media dictates they should be scared of to give a damn about our own gov't doing everything it can to get out the boot and start 'a stepping.




Aloha, Mark
Violence prevention....
Well now.

I might argue that violence is a natural act...and to prevent violence is unnatural.
Life is violent.
Nature itself is violent...when a wolf takes a ain't like the wolf is all polite about it....

And at certain times and places , violence is a much appreciated and needed trait and action. all come to mind here.
Violence can almost always be seen as an answer or solution.
However one must also always weigh the outcome / consequences of violence to see the gain is worth it or needed in the first place.

Violence for personal gain or to harm others without just a whole other matter.
Preventing it....Other than on a personal level , not sure what can be done to prevent it.
We do have laws here in our would be good if those laws were used in a just manner to deal with those who use violence as means for person gain or to harm others without reason.

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