Atlas shrugged, a reality in our own country!?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by antisocialist541, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Atlas Shrugged, a book written by Ayn Rand has recently been turned into a film. For those who havent seen it, I'd recommend renting it. The book is far better and more detailed but if you're not much of a reader like me, the movie will get the point across.
    I work in the construction industry and know first hand the damage overregulation, unions and government involvement have caused. Any given state project has so much bs involved, it blows my mind! From environmental impact studies, to unrealistic union wages and benefits, and safety programs that make work nearly impossible to complete. I've seen it all first hand! I know a lot of union members will take issue with me, but i belong to one, unfortunately. I literally cannot work in the seattle area without belonging to one. I'm all for decent wages, but is it realistic for a man to make $35/hr to push a broom? It's a monopoly that is crushing state funds.
    I firmly believe the course of Atlas shrugged is the course of our nation. We are becoming a nation that frowns on wealth, hard work and reward. This will only incubate mediocrity. Unfortunately a mediocre USA means big trouble for this planet ultimately. I urge all of you to check out the movie and get involved in the upcoming election. 4 more years of the current administration will propel us to a mediocre nation!!!!!!
    Love to hear your thoughts on the movie/issues we face.
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    I recommend the book before the movie also. I really suggest the audio version of the book which I thought was fantastic and is read complete. It was shortly after I read this book that Boeing was put to the fire for suggesting adding a new plant in a non union state. Private business being told where they could and could not do business by the government? I'd say we are well on our way down the path.
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    I am only part way through the book, and the similarities to present day USA are eerie to say the least.

    I am looking forward to watching the film, but want to finish the book first.

    I would also recommend reading Rand's book 'Anthem'. It is a very short book, but it gives a good look at what USA 'could' become if we continue down the current path.

    Capitalism is BO$$!!!
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    The book is not an easy read for folks born into the digital age. As Raynd would say: "You be the judge for what is best for you."
    But please, do not ignore the wisdom she learned at a very high price.
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    You're better off reading a book than watching a movie based off the book.

    Part of it is the content. I also think the fact you're reading also makes your mind more receptive and lucid. TV not do much.

    I've also seen horrible movie interpretations of books.
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    Yeah, straight out of Atlas Shrugged!
    Makes me think that Communinisim is just another branch of global corruption, maybe Sherlock Holmes was correct from the start?

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