Appleseed, Wolverton Mt Gun Club, Ariel, WA July 5-6

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    Project Appleseed will be at the Wolverton Mt Gun Club (near Cougar, WA) the weekend of July 5-6. Still room for more shooters so sign up now before the line fills up! 22 ammo is available at cost for youth shooters (under 18) by prior arrangement. Here's where to sign up:

    For more information about Project Appleseed, here:

    Project Appleseed is a 2-day non-profit, non-political* event instructing people of a wide range of age and skills in basic rifle marksmanship, providing shooters with the skills and tools needed to achieve 4 MOA** accuracy or better at ranges up to 500 yards from field positions (prone, sitting, standing). Shooting is done at scaled down targets at 25 meters with the possibility, depending on range availability, to apply knowledge of bullet trajectory on the 100 yard range. In addition, shooters learn about the historical events that took place at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, and the role marksmanship played in establishing the United States of America--history that many citizens didn't get in school.

    *Non-political means there is NO discussion of current political, national or world events or any politician that hasn't been dead for at least 200 years.
    **If you don't know what "MOA" means, no worries--you will by the time you complete the event!
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