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Anyone here with Welsh/Irish/Scottish ancestry?

Scottish and some Irish (I think) and English on my mom's side. She was into geneology and said we had links back to William Wallace.

I don't place a lot of weight on who my ancestors were or what they did. I can't take any pride in what they did or who they were because that isn't me. They are not me and I am not them.


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This is what your ancestors might well have sounded like -
I asked a waitress in Belfast to repeat herself one time, and after puzzling over it, I blurted out 'ma'am, I haven't the foggiest notion what you just said.' She burst out laughing, and the folks at the next table even started chuckling. [She had a wonderful laugh for all that.]

That said, overall I've found the Scots the hardest to understand. And I'm talking about English, not their original Gaelic/Celtic languages! I have sister-in-law that grew up in Aberdeen, and when she gets out of sorts a strong Scottish brogue comes to the fore. I don't have to understand what she's saying, and neither does my youngest brother, as the tone and look on her face says enough.:s0112:


I'm mostly Brit-Mut (have all three of the mentioned groups) + german + native american. My in laws thought I was a giant Mexican when they first met me, in the middle of summer when I was very tanned from working outside. I've always identified as mostly of Scotch/Irish descent.


Scottish highland is the part of my ancestory I know the most about and identify with most. "Touch not the catte bot a targe." (Touch not the cat without a glove/shield.) The cat is a wildcat, which is a very fierce. It's not very large. Many creatures could kill one. But nothing attacks it with impunity. And you can't tame one.


Dad's side, no DNA test, but family says "Irish" most likely Scots-Irish as Presbyterian, not Catholic.

On Mothers side, one of the 4 branches comes from Plzn Czechia. Bohemia. Czechoslovakia.
2nd branch from Alsace Lorraine - which is French or German or German French. Border moved more than once there.
The others were from Prussia/Germany areas.


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