Any suggestions for a bullet pusher for a .17?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by nw17hmr, May 28, 2011.

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    During my last sage rat trip, I had a squib occur in my 17 HMR bolt rifle. Fortunately the slug was in the throat of the barrel so no damage to me or the rifle. I was able to smack a cleaning rod twice with the palm of my hand to dislodge the bullet (bent the cleaning jag which will have to be replaced).

    The incident caused me to inquire what others might use, beyond a cleaning rod, to remove a squib. Due to the point on the 17 slug, one might have a hard time pushing the slug backwards very far. Pushing it forward seems more achievable.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Real simple use a stiff rod with a hole in the end. A cleaning rod will work as the hole will locate the pointed tip in it's center. You can either then have a large handle like an Otters cleaning rod handle to wack on with your hand or a small handle and use a plastic hammer to pound the thing out.
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    I also would push the round back towards the chamber. Something got it stuck so why not do the logical thing and push it back in the way it came from before it got stuck?
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    Flood the plugged barrel with your chosen lubricant from both ends toward the reluctant projectile. Tap gently with an open-face rod toward the shortest distance of travel to get it out. (If in the throat, this would be toward the chamber). Then notify the ammo manufacturer of the details of the occurrence. You will be pleasantly surprised with their interest.

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