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The Grizzly Win Mag pistols were conceived, invented, designed, engineered and developed in the 1980s by the sole inventor, Perry Arnett, who licensed his patent for an interchangeable caliber semi-automatic pistol to L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc. Perry Arnett's designs were initially flawed and were improved upon by Heinz Augat (former owner and founder of L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc.). The L.A.R. Grizzly was the most powerful semi-automatic pistol ever commercially produced after the Desert Eagle (the Mark V was chambered in .50 AE to compete with the IMI Desert Eagle).

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  1. RicInOR

    .300 WinMag AR?!

    NEMO Arms Omen Rifle AR Like - side bolt handle rather than top, adjustable gas block. Bolt carrier group is rugged (and heavy) The company does offer other interesting calibers. Win Mag (adding for search)
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