Fish are an important component of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW) Toxics in Biota Program, part of the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program (PSEMP, recently renamed from PSAMP). Since 1989 fish indicator species have been used to monitor contamination of Puget Sound by chemicals such as poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pesticides, and metals. English Sole, the first species studied for the Toxics in Biota Program, have been used for monitoring by WDFW since 1989. As of 2015 the program also monitors copper rockfish, quillback rockfish, brown rockfish, coho salmon, chinook salmon, Pacific herring, and Pacific staghorn sculpin. Exposure and effects of each contaminant are monitored for each species, and more in-depth studies of specific regions are performed if monitoring indicates a contamination problem.
Geographical characteristics making Puget Sound especially susceptible to contaminants include funneling of fish through narrow inlets, restricted exchange of water, shallow sea floor sills, and freshwater inputs from urban sources. One of the largest sources of contaminants is stormwater runoff. During heavy rain events metals, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), and pesticides flow untreated into local waterways, streams, and lakes. Impervious surfaces such as roads provide a route for deposition of metals and POPs by cars and industrial emissions, before subsequent discharge into nearby water bodies. The highly urbanized coastline of southern Puget Sound results in stormwater runoff containing high concentrations of contaminants.

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  1. Joe Link

    Washington  Firearms use banned on WDFW lands

    Firearms use banned on WDFW lands
  2. Cogs

    WDFW Busts Target Shooters!

    I saw this from the WDFW Police Facebook page. I won't bother with the link, so, I'll just copy/paste their post... Illegal Target Shooting Leads to Weapons Seizure While patrolling closed roads in the Stemilt Basin, WDFW Officers Tucker and Smith found three males target shooting by Lily...
  3. Cogs

    WDFW & Eyes In The Woods "Clean Up The Woods Day"

    Join our partner Eyes In The Woods for their CLEAN-UP EVENT this Saturday! SIGN UP ONLINE: WWW.EYESINTHEWOODS.ORG Private forestlands frequented by hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly closed to public access and camping due to garbage dumping, forest products theft and...
  4. coastal steelheader

    WDFW and ODFW- Two Peas In A Pod

    Looks like you guys in Oregon are getting shafted too. I got this via email this morning. Can You Hear Us Now? In another betrayal of promises the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission once again discarded the intent of the Columbia River Reform package, locking anglers out of all that we paid...
  5. Zens

    WA - Hunting Regulations Setting Process 17-18 WDFW (Comment Period)

    2017-2018 WDFW Hunting Regulations "The Department is considering making rule changes for the following topics: Hunting regulations and seasons for big game, small game, and migratory waterfowl; rules concerning importation and retention of dead non-resident wildlife; special closures and...
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