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Goose Hollow/Southwest Jefferson Street is a light rail station on the MAX Blue and Red Lines in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It is the third stop westbound on the Westside MAX alignment and makes several cameo appearances in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? as the stop where Marlee Matlin's character boards the train to get into town.

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  1. Jason Brown

    SW Portland: Homeowner shoots at intruder

    Wow. He shot at, the intruder and allowed him to escape prosecution. People are too nice these days.o_O And also we don't need no guns like them there military and police either.(blatant sarcasm) Deputies: Homeowner shoots at intruder breaking into Cooper Mountain home
  2. cHaOsReX

    Police action in SW Portland 9/8

    Not sure if this is the correct topic, please move if I'm mistaken. On Friday evening 9/8/2017 I was in the area of SW Oleson Rd and SW 80th Ave. There was a huge police presence there. They had taken over the West Hills Unitarian church parking lot to use as a command center. I talked to...
  3. N

    Glock Firing Pin Channel Liner in SW Portland Area?

    Hi Folks, In my attempt to assemble my Glock-ish Lone Wolf build, I have nuked the firing pin liner. I am stuck until I get a replacement, though I was able to extract the buckled liner. If anyone has a line on one in SW Portland (Tigard/Beaverton specifically), I would greatly appreciate it. I...
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