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There are five sections of Portland, Oregon, though a sixth is planned, and 95 officially recognized neighborhoods, each of which is represented by a volunteer-based neighborhood association. These associations serve as the liaison between residents and the city government, as coordinated by the city's Office of Community & Civic Life, which was created in 1974 and known as the Office of Neighborhood Involvement until July 2018. The city subsequently provides funding to this "network of neighborhoods" through district coalitions, which are groupings of neighborhood associations. On June 6, 2018, Portland City Council voted to add a sixth section to Portland; it will be called South Portland and the transition to the new system is expected to start in May 2020.

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  1. ScottInPDX

    Hello from Southwest Portland

    I joined recently just to sell a rifle, and found an unexpected community. I'm interested in pretty much all firearms, from muzzle loaders and fudd guns to tacticool and absurd. I'm a former USMC infantry assaultman, so I've had the opportunity to shoot just about every type of weapon that can...
  2. pdxparabellum

    Oregon  Man packing air pistol arrested in Southwest Portland

    Happened on 4/20, wonder how many blunts this idiot smoked before deciding on this move. Another prime reason I don't go downtown on foot. Man packing air pistol arrested in Southwest Portland "The gun was fake. The arrest and disorderly conduct charge were real. A concerned citizen flagged...
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