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  1. Jcon268

    AK sling mounting - side folder stock

    So I have a side folding CNC warrior stock that folds to the right, putting the QD socket on the left side. I also have standard AK sling that for the most part, looks like this: My SAR-1 has the typical sling mount up near the front of the handguard. Is there any way to make this sling work...
  2. Tack_Ryan

    Aero Precision A2 stock with spring and 2 screws.

    For sale is an Aero Precision brand A2 stock with spring and 2 screws for attaching to the buffer tube (not included) Asking $30 Will trade for: Willing to trade for M&P 9 17+ round mags, Tx22 mags, or premium 55 grain vmax or similar 223 ammunition.
  3. LuckySG

    Last chance for in stock items

    Today is your last chance for at or below cost deals on current inventory because anything left come 10pm will then be spoken for. In 2020 everything hanging up will be consignments or demos, both of which are growing and will use up all the space I can I make. $200 for a synthetic stock...
  4. A

    ISO A2 stock

    Looking for an A2 stock assembly.
  5. S


    MCX Stock Adapter Kit gives you the ability to upgrade your rifle and install MCX folding stock assemblies Never used $74.99 new MCX Stock Adapter $50 cash or paypal

    Remington 700P LTR .308 With Stock options. Trades

    Ended up with 2 of these with a trade, Have not fired it was told around 300 rds. 20 moa base, 3 price options by stocks. Trade for heavy 300 WM. 223 1 in 8 or 9 Or ??? 1. H-S $775 2. Choate Tactical $700 3. VLS $650
  7. G

    Mcmillan A5 Adjustable stock

    Selling off my Mcmillan A5 Adjustable Stock for Remington 700 Long action. Stock has been used and was glass bedded to my factory 700 action. Also had the barrel channel opened up to accommodate free floating a varmint contour criterion barrel. Only other thing was I had the cheek piece notched...
  8. V

    AR-15 MFT Stock

    Selling a never used mission first tactical stock. Bought it at a gun show and didnt realize it was a California compliant stock...meaning you have to pin it in place(this is not an adjustable stock). Also comes with a buffer tube. Does not come with a castle nut or buffer spring.
  9. CountryGent

    Who does great stock work?

    OK, my friends, I have a new wacky project in mind (have to kill the time until Los Federales approve the rattle-gun, giggle). I should not be too specific because I had not yet won the auction, though I am currently highest bidder. Suffice it to to say, it involves a Spanish Destroyer carbine...
  10. O


    Looking for a rear stock for a ZAMACOLA HERMANOS sxs 10 ga. shotgun. Any ideas?
  11. J

    New or like new Marlin MODEL XT-22MTSL (laminated stock, SS, tube feed 22 magnum) Cash deal

    Looking to purchase a new or like new Marlin XT-22MTSL or an older model 22 magnum of another manufacturer as long as it is in like new condition and proven to be at least moa accurate. This will be a squirrel gun so it need so be very accurate. Bolt action perfered.
  12. eldbillbo

    COLT A2 Stock Assembly.

    Looking for one in Vg-ex must be colt. I have cash or lots to trade.
  13. MountainBear

    Mauser barrels and stocks

    New Years resolution to sell off some parts to finish some higher priority projects. This is part one: Barrel 1 is a sporter contour .30-06 short chambered barrel. Pretty sure this was a green mountain or Shaw. Not match quality, but they make good shooters. Never installed. $90 $80 Barrel 2...
  14. S

    Anyone find a HK SP5 actually in stock ?

    Really really want one, has anyone found one for sale?
  15. BanjoGeek

    CMP Garand stock & Bishop stock

    PRICE REDUCED!! Here is two stocks that have been the box for a couple of decades. CMP M1 Garand stock purchased new in 2006 and a Bishop stock that looks like is for an Enfield. Asking $125 for the Garand stock and $100 for the Bishop. I can meet with a buyer along the I-5 corridor from...