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  1. C

    Ar57 upper 5.7x28 !!!

    Hey fellas, just wanted to pass on a little info I found out yesterday... so I have a fn 5.7 pistol and was thinking of getting ps90 but they are pretty spendy and hard to find... found out yesterday they make ar57 uppers that fit on ar15 lowers for about half of buying a ps90 ... I'm getting 1...
  2. wired

    Newest addition to the family

    Ive been accelerating my stamp collecting in anticipation of 41P ( Like everyone else ) . Not that I can't get one signed by the CLEO its just that I don't want my face to be one that the local fuzz recognize. In any case this is my 9th of the year. Been really stepping it up with the SBR's in...
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