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Spotting may refer to:
Aircraft spotting
Bus spotting
Car spotting
Train spotting
Spots (cannabis), a method of smoking cannabis
Physical activities:
Spotting (climbing)
Spotting (dance technique), a technique used by dancers to maintain control while executing turns
Spotting (weight training)
Artillery spotting or bombardment spotting, observing the result of artillery or shell fire and providing corrective targeting data to the firer
Spotting (photography)
Spotting (filmography), the process of determining the location of the musical score of a film
Car spotting (disambiguation)
Metrorrhagia, vaginal bleeding that is not synchronized with a menstrual period

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  1. SA Shooter

    The Most Frustrating Item in the Loadout - My Spotting Scope

    Rant On :mad: OK...I have this spotting scope and tripod. I'll admit I didn't spend a lot for either. Now I'm wondering why I bought them. The tripod mounting head wobbles in the mount, it won't hold a firm horizontal line and the damn legs don't seem to lock fully in place. And the...
  2. C

    Cheap Spotting Scope Recomendations?

    I realize the word cheap and spotting scope do not go together. But really I am looking for is something that will allow me to see bullet holes in targets at 200 yards or less. This is really just for improving my skills. I am pretty confident up to about 100 yards but have never gone beyond...
  3. Mikej

    Looking for a spotting scope for range use...

    I just need something that won't break and will give me a decent view. Probably 200yds max. Most times less I would think. This one says it's the old model, likely the reason for the steep discount. Konus 15-45x60 Zoom Spotting Scope with Tripod 7112, 61% Off w/ Free S&H Any other...
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